Origine Mural

On the wall of the Bocage pavilion - Boischatel primary school

Jacques Vézinat and Marie Boisdon are immortalized on this mural perched on the coast of the Church which leads to the Route de la Nouvelle-France, in the heart of the cradle of French America. The Origine mural is inspired by the history of this family's first settlers and their descendants.

Artwork overview

Fleeing a France marked by numerous wars, Jacques Vézinat and his wife, Marie Boisdon, crossed the Atlantic in 1659 with their children.

Artists: Marie-Chantal Lachance & Nathaly Lessard in collaboration with Gitane Caron.

The Vézinat family

It is on this promising land, located east of Montmorency Falls, that they settled in the parish formerly known as L'Ange-Gardien, and whose western part was detached in 1920 to become the Municipality of Boischatel.

Ancestor of all the Vézina in Quebec, the couple took root and raised their family on the land of what is now Ferme Chatel.

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