Old La Prairie, A Heritage Site to Discover

Old La Prairie, A Heritage Site to Discover
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Ville de La Prairie

The town of La Prairie is proud of its village centre recalling three centuries of history. We invite you to discover Old La Prairie guided and informed by your smartphone. You will remark the impressive results of several archaeological excavations carried out on the site. You will uncover, among others, beautiful landscapes, buildings and remains that are a reminder of three centuries of adventure.

The Ville de La Prairie welcomes you in the heart of Quebec’s and Canada’s history, the Old La Prairie, which was declared one of the twelve provincial heritage sites on July 23, 1975, and is referred to as a designated heritage site.

Thirteen historical and archaeological interpretive signs have also been put up along the trail, showcasing some locations paving the way for discoveries.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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Old La Prairie, A Heritage Site to Discover