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Near the old public square is Saint-Pierre Street, the main commercial street of Vieux-Terrebonne. In the early years of the village, it was called Saint-Louis Street, in honor of Saint-Louis-de-France, patron of the Terrebonne parish. In the twentieth century, there is still many merchants selling their products. It includes various businesses, such as the L.-H. Desjardins department store, a barber shop, drugstore, shoe store, the Jacques Solomon general store, a bakery, the Beausoleil grocery, and the J-B Gauthier hardware store, etc.

Today, Saint-Pierre Street remains an important commercial artery. Several well-established businesses have set up along it, such as Brûlerie de la Rivière, the Pub St-Patrick, the restaurant La Confrérie, the Da Pietro, restaurant Chez Fabien, the McTavish Brewery and the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, to name a few.

Question #11


1) The Da Pietro building
2) The "Maison au miracle"
3) The old post office
4) The old Central Hotel

Answer and explanation - Question #11

2) The "Maison au miracle"

As you can imagine, after the 1922 fire that destroyed Saint-Pierre Street, the oldest building is the "Maison au miracle", which we saw earlier. It is the original house and it’s been surprisingly well preserved. The fire destroyed a large number of the historical buildings in this sector.

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