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The memorial to the Braves was erected in Terrebonne on June 24th, 1922, during the Saint-Jean Baptist celebrations. It is dedicated to all Terrebonne men who lost their lives during the First World War. Several important personalities of the time are on site on the day of the inauguration, including the Honorable Athanase David, MP, as well as Lieutenant Colonel De Lanaudière. Over the decades, the names of soldiers lost in both World War II and the Korean Conflict have been added.

The monument represents a soldier at rest. The work is done by J-P. Laurin, a Terrebonne sculptor. At the foot of the statue are the names of Terrebonne soldiers lost during these three wars, but also those who returned alive. It also includes a list of cities where major Canadian battles took place during the First World War.

Originally, the statue was installed at the corner of Saint-Pierre Street and Des Braves Boulevard, but it was moved a little higher towards Masson Park in 1960 to maximize its visibility. Two guns are added at that time, to give more scale to the monument, representing the protectors of the city. After being vandalized in August 2006, the tribute to the Unknown Soldier is reinstalled the same year, in October, and raised on a base to enhance its strength.

Question #21


1) 1 ton (2 204 pounds)
2) 2 tons (4 409 pounds)
3) 3 tons (6 613 pounds)
4) 4 tons (8 818 pounds)

Answer and explanation - Question #21

3) 3 tons (6 613 pounds)

Both guns are "Ordnance QF 17-pounder – 7.58 cm" type cannons and are based on each side of the monument, weighing almost three tons each. They were used during the Second World War and German tanks could not withstand their firepower. They were made by the British and represent one of the best anti-tank guns of the Allies in this war.

Walk down towards the entrance of Île-des-Moulins. You will cross what was once the Public Place, of which we spoke earlier.

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