The fountain of Berry

This joyful fountain of Berry represents everything that matters to its citizens

Play and nature

The colorful and geometric elements, placed on top, illustrate play, invention and fun. As for the bird, it reminds us that, we humans also are a part of nature.

The bowls

The bowls that shape the fountain represent the five main lakes of the municipality.

The tree

With its slender form, interlaced branches and its vertical dimension, the forest that covers a big part of our territory was the main source of inspiration for the whole work of art.
The branches also represent the citizens and their family members who support each other with the shared goal of creating a community that reflects them. Every generation will become part of the shared tree trunk that supports the new generation, which is filled with liveliness, creativity, and hope for these and further generations to come.

The round stones

The round stones just underneath the surface of the water represent the Kettles-de-Berry. They point out the importance of this geological formation, which lies in the heart of the Eskers, and its role in the filtration process of the groundwater.

The xylophone

The glaciers, who were at the origin of the eskers, are the muse for the pond. You can hear a sound that mimics those of the water that flows underneath the ice and trickles down into other crevices, to drop on other ice or stones. Going down, the water slides over the xylophone and with the help of the wind plays its own melody. At the end of its course, you hear the soft sound of a drum that accompanies the drops of water falling on the diamond.

The green diamond

The artist of this joyful fountain, Mr. Jacques Baril, states that for him, « Berry is a green diamond in bleu water! ».

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