La Motte

The fountain of La Motte

The fountain of La Motte is made of three parts:
     The pond
     One hundred rods
     The canoe

More details to follow.

The pond

The pond represents the well that provided the indispensable water to each farm and every family.
Four buckets hung from the four cardinal points. These buckets used to scoop up the water so we can drink or the animals can drink, receive just a trickle of water that symbolizes the slow modernization of the installations and plays us the beautiful «current» tune of the water.

100 rods

Overhanging the well and rising towards the sky, 100 rods for each year of the centennial.

The canoe

In groups of thirty-three with the one hundred and one in the middle supporting the canoe. The canoe as a means of transportation for the First Nations to travel by water, would eventually also be used by the first settlers.

Feminine curves

Those ninety-nine winding rods, both feminine and airy at the same time, reminds us yet again of the wave, the wind, the omnipresence of nature where curves and circles rule.

Work of art for our mothers

We dedicate this fountain to our mothers and grandmothers who valiantly carried this country.
Texte by Paul Ouellet

The canoe is a work of art by the Algonquin artist Karl Chevrier, the fountain is a work of art by the artist Paul Ouellet.


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