The fountain of Rochebaucourt

Proudly standing in the heart of the municipality, this fountain represents perfectly the essence of Rochebaucourt. Being one of the only municipalities in the MRC Abitibi that has as many covered bridges (3 covered bridges – Moose bridge, Waterfall bridge and Noah’s ark), the inspiration for their project was as clear as water.

The waterfalls

The water that flows on each side of the fountain represents the rapids that resulted out of the blasting operations of the river that took place in the years 1939-1936 and 1961. It also represents the waterfalls, commonly known as the Waterfalls of Robidoux.

Take the time to listen

When you approach the fountain, you can hear the sound of horse hooves crossing the bridge. This represents colonization, transportation, trade but also the working life of Rochebaucourt.

The covered bridges

There once were eight covered bridges in Rochebaucourt, whereas today only 3 remain and only one is suitable for vehicles.


How did the creation take place in time?
1937 – In the middle of an economic crisis they started building the bridge Noah’s ark (1929-1939). Colloquially known as Crisis bridge.
1942 – Construction of Moose bridge
1954 – Construction of Waterfall bridge. This one wears his name with pride due to the fact that it’s in between two rapids.
Nicely noticed! The artist of the fountain is called Jim Couture.


The street furniture is a creation of Mr. Pelletier (Marc-Antoine) and the landscaping is a civic contribution with volunteers and the development officer!

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