The fountain of Saint-Marc-de-Figuery

Water is the beginning of all that surrounds us and gives us life.
In the middle of this pond, we can see what connects the water with the honey.

Flowers, water, honey

To feed the bees, the flowers turn the water into nectar. Without the rain, the flowers will fade.
Afterwards, the forager bees bring back that precious liquid to the beehive and slowly start transforming it into honey.
So, it’s also thanks to the water that the bees can pollinate the flowers who give us the food that keeps us alive.

Stop and enjoy

This ecological cycle is important and we need to protect it.

Please enjoy this moment of relaxation near our fountain and keep in mind the fragile beauty that is nature.

This fountain offers the possibility of living different moods. We invite you to push the button and wait a few seconds until a new configuration of the water is activated. This way you can find the perfect mood that fits you.

Artists and artisans: Family Rivard Carignan, Osez fer, artistic work
Entreprise Éric Lapointe, landscaping and pond
Mathieu Longpré, Bilemo, furniture and moduls

Extract of
Tours of artistic fountains Amos-Harricana

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Presented by : Ville d'Amos (Tourisme Amos-Harricana)
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