Fontaine d'Amos au Refuge Pageau


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An artistic intention is essentially human, but in the wider sense, it can be seen everywhere!

The Pageau Refuge exists thanks to the close ties we often find between people and animals. Our fountain develops this relationship even further by integrating the art of our animals in human artistic intentions!

Such art!

Each year, the moose and deer grow new racks of antlers. They are always different as each antler is unique!

In the center of the fountain

It is the antlers collected as they shed over the years that form the branches of the tree in the center of the fountain. The flowing water imitates rain.

Symbols of this immense and beautiful nature

Rain and tree, water and forest are all symbols of this immense and beautiful nature that surrounds us and is essential to humans and animals alike.

You can admire and love nature here, and even, if your heart desires, make a wish in the fountain!


The St. Teresa of Avila Cathedral is a place of worship and an icon of Amos due to its sheer size and beautiful architecture!
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H2O Le Festival – Check out the program!

The Labyrinthe des insectes [Insect Labyrinth] awakens the curiosity! Have fun and learn to appreciate these useful creatures!
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The St. Maurice Gardens, where Céline has decorated the property along an Alice in Wonderland theme, are really worth a visit!
GETTING TO the St. Maurice Gardens

La FÉE de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue is a four-day festival dedicated to promoting an introduction to alternative culture!

Scaro by Caroline Arbour, a jewellery maker, where inspiration is the name of the game and pieces to be worn are entirely made by hand!
GETTING TO Scaro the jeweller

The Amos Exhibition Center comprises three rooms where you can see 15 or so temporary annual exhibitions!
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Hector-Authier House is an historical and cultural treasure of the city of Amos!
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The Anisipi circuit is divided in four immersive experiences. A fabulous universe about water's wonders and the respect this fragile natural ressource deserves.

The Refuge Pageau is an enchanting site where animals and humans have an unusual relationship!
GETTING TO the Refuge Pageau

You can also pay us a visit at the Tourist Information Center or telephone us on 819 727-1242.

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