Fontaine de Landrienne


GETTING TO the Landrienne fountain

A fountain that takes you on a journey through time!

Sourced from the railway

Like Landrienne, our fountain is sourced from the railway, the track motor car and the resources necessary for the development of a village.

With pickaxes and hard labour, this generation built and passed down a heritage with lots of potential.

The end of a cycle... and the beginning of another

This heritage is alive and well in the first pool. If you get in and get wet, you can contribute to its development.

You belong to the generation that is looking towards the future and working for a peaceful way of life.

The last pool represents a larger, stronger and greener village! It is the fountain’s water source, and has plants that filter the fountain. It is the end of one cycle, and the beginning of another.


Also in Landrienne:

The Circuit historique et patrimonial de Landrienne [Historical tour of Landrienne] This tour presents the history and diversity that has brought this municipality to life since its foundation. 
GETTING TO the historical tour of Landrienne

The Gasper Farm is a family-owned dairy farm, founded in 2005. Since 2016, the family has been making a very high-quality cheddar in this traditional dairy. You will be delighted by the authenticity and the hospitality of the owners.
GETTING TO the Gaper Farm

The La Calvette General Store, decorated with various antique and highly original objects, provides several services, including the provision of snacks prepared on the premises.
GETTING TO the La Calvette General Store

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