Fontaine de Barraute


GETTING TO the Barraute fountain

In all its simplicity and majesty, this fountain pays tribute to water, a life source. A flower with the wide-open corolla is shaped from six petals with polished and mirrored edges. These form the large bowl.

In the middle of this pool

In the middle of this pool, sculptured flowers in bas-relief are placed around a plateau as water flows onto them. From this plateau, another, smaller bowl emerges like a flower bud just beginning to open.

Water flows from the flower

The water flows from this flower, through its corolla, into four pairs of hands, before falling onto the flowers in the lower plateau and collecting in the large bowl.


Many components of the fountain are symbolic:

Its very form, a large and decorative cup, demonstrates the festive nature of Barraute on the eve of its centenary.

Its flowers have lost their ephemeral aspect, but have become emblematic of the plant cycle, flourishing with water.

The hands of men, women and children symbolize cooperation, solidarity, mutual support and family.

Sculptor: Jim Couture


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