Fontaine de La Corne

La Corne

GETTING TO the La Corne fountain

La Corne reveals a vast landscape that is wild and immense, scattered with lakes and waterways.

The moose, the emblematic animal of the region, is as majestic and mysterious as the territory itself. Emerging from the water, it represents hunting, a popular and widely undertaken activity.

The forest

The trees surrounding the fountain pay tribute to the forestry workers and builders without whom the region would not be what it is today.

They also represent the immensity of the forest that surrounds us.

The materials

Look closely at the materials used…

Look at the artistically revived drilling hoses, which represent the mining industry, an important employer in our region.

The water

The flowing water symbolizes the numerous lakes and rivers inherent to our landscape and territory.

A work created by the artist Paul Salois in collaboration with Michel Laplante.


Thank you to our partners:

Walter Surface Technologies
Transport Yvon Vigneault Inc.
Transport J.A.D.
Jean-Claude Rivard Machine Shop
Québec Lithium Mine
Hewitt Equipment Ltd.
Sling-Choker Mfg. (Val-D’or) Ltd.

And thank you to all the volunteers who have participated in this project at varying levels!


Also in La Corne:

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