Fontaine de St-Mathieu-d'Harricana


GETTING TO the Blue Gold Fountain

The central stone represents the St. Matthew Berry esker, as well as the point where the waters separate, at the watershed, some flowing towards the north while others flow towards the south.

The various plateaus represent the springs that source the waterways, lakes and rivers right to James Bay in the north, and to the St. Laurence River in the south.

The fairy pebbles

The fairy pebbles and rocks highlight the bed of clay in our lakes and rivers that the wind and seasons have shaped over time.

The pebbles

The pebbles represent the ice age during which they were carried to various places in other areas, a process which also formed eskers.


St. Matthew of Harricana has the privilege and responsibility associated with being located just above two catchment basins.

This advantage also bestows the responsibility of adopting an educational role to raise awareness in the protection of this resource.


Also in St-Mathieu-d'Harricana:

Learn more about the St-Mathieu-d'Harricana esker at the Esker Interpretation Kiosk, where Eska water is bottled: you can find out how it was formed and its history. You can also fill your bottles with drinking water straight from the source in the midst of nature!
GETTING TO the Esker Interpretation Kiosk

The Champignons en fête mushroom festival is an opportunity to discover the wild and edible species of mushroom growing in our forests! If you are in the area at the right time, do come along!

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