Fontaine de Preissac


GETTING TO the Preissac fountain

This fountain illustrates the very essence of Preissac. The metal structure is a reminder of the mining industry while the flowing water evokes the beautiful lakes and rapids of the municipality.

The spheres

The first sphere represents the earth, on which the three Preissac lakes – Fontbonne, Preissac and Chassignol – are found in relief.

In the second sphere, an anchor and a fish are also presented in relief, promoting navigation and fishing, two essential activities of our region.

Millenial stones

The stones on the ground evoke the walking trails that are scattered with both small and huge millennial rocks deposited by glaciers.


The fountain is illuminated with a blue light, proudly promoting Preissac membership in the Culturat project.

Aquaterra – earth and water in perfect harmony.

Artist: Mr. Denis Michaud, sculptor
September 2015


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The Preissac Observation Tower offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful lakes!
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The Roche du Millénaire [Millennial Rock] Trail, along with the other trails in Preissac, give you the opportunity to get some fresh air and take advantage of nature!
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