Artria ‑ The Open‑Air Museum

Artria - The Open-Air Museum

Artria is an Open-air museum that is consisted of monumental sculptures. This guide give you information on these works and helps you to find them. These sculptures are concentrated in strategic areas where the views are magnificent. All these sections of the Open-air Museum, through the concentration of monumental works, are enlivened by rich landscaping, artistic furnishings and walking spaces ensuring the visitor’s safety.

The Museum is accessible to cyclists, to hikers as well as running enthusiasts. These paths also favour the discovery of all the Haute-Yamaska’s characteristic scenery (urban, lakeside, countryside and forest). It is important to note that “solitary works” disseminated all along the paths will rekindle the “Open-air Museum” effect by displaying the same layout concept (artistic marking, plant atmosphere, lookout onto a panorama, etc.).

Get, from our interactive map displayed on your cell phone, information on demand according to each point of interest.


The complete course is accessible online (streaming) and even offline (without Internet in the field, cell phone in hand) with the Preload option of the BaladoDécouverte mobile application.

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An initiative of Commerce Tourisme Granby_région

In partnership with the Quebec government, the MRC de La Haute-Yamaska, Eastern Townships Tourism, City of Granby, City of Waterloo, Shefford Township, City of Bromont and Warden village.

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Artria - The Open-Air Museum