Waterloo room #1


Artist : Paiyan Banjongklieng
Country : Thailand
Year of creation : 2015
Materials : Steel
Method : Welding assembly
Description :

Diversity and human differences have a significant impact on a person’s understanding of the world. To live in peace and in harmony within the diverse cultural identities, we must learn to conform to social rules and laws.

Meanwhile, one must respect the other beliefs and the other’s thoughts, and contribute to strengthen equality within society.

In collaboration with : CHASCO, Gérald Scott

Seated figure

Artist : Amancio Gonzalez Andrés
Country : Spain
Year of creation : 2015
Materials : Steel
Method : Welding assembly
Description :

The work entitled “Seated Figure” or “Figure assise”, made of stainless steel, experiments with its expressive possibilities, at once in an organic (the figure) and geometric (the architecture) form, in one single sculpture.

The work establishes a dialog between the figure and the space which it inhabits, and between itself and the spectator.

In collaboration with : Lavallée, Lacasse et Poirier, notaires


Artist : Jean Côté
Country : Canada
Year of creation : 2004
Materials : Aluminum
Description :

Ring represents the union. The union between man and his environment. It consists of six bicycle wheels illustrating the different periods of the life that once united form a coherent whole. The circle represents the cycle of life and it’s superposition symbolizes the mountains surrounding the area. This work is a tribute to constantly raising the bar through the small and the big challenges that the human encounter and overcome during his life. At some point of our lives, small valleys can seem to be a mountain to climb, but you need to keep hope and to stay in the course, raising your head to better see the future. Driving straight ahead, being confident and proud of the progress.

The aluminum used is recycled and it’s giving a new life to the art, space and time. This white and shiny metal represents vitality that is found in the sport and in our beautiful region . The 5 solid circles represent the 5 continents and our openness to the world . The same spirit of sharing and communion that animates the Olympics.

Extract of
Artria - The Open-Air Museum

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Presented by : Tourisme Granby région

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