Granby room #1

The crossroads

Artist : Roger Laplame and Lucie Dumont
Country : Canada
Year of creation : 2008

Work in tribute to Mister Paul – O Trépanier

The work is sculptural as it is architectural; it is a hymn to what made up Mister Trépanier’s personality, the public person, the socially committed man, the man of vision, impassioned by the arts.

The human that, while searching for balance in his life, makes choices at the crossroads; unique path or parallel roads?


Artist : Vincent Di Vincenzo
Country : France
Year of creation : 2015
Materials : Steel
Method : Welding
Description :

My reflections started by the side of the lake where this sculpture is to be set up.

It has the shape of a fish or a small boat, discernible from a certain distance by the onlooker.

The closer the onlooker will come, the more this shape will disappear and leave in its place, because of its monumental proportions, an abstract work suitable for the imagination.

In collaboration with : Groupe Savoie – Les Résidences Soleil

Extract of
Artria - The Open-Air Museum

Artria - The Open-Air Museum image circuit

Presented by : Tourisme Granby région

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