Discover Valcartier

Discover Valcartier

Over two hundred years ago, the Honourable John Neilson, Quebec businessman and well known politician, bought vast tracts of land in the Jacques Cartier River valley. In January 1816, he published an invitation for settlers to establish what would become Valcartier Village.

Now, John Neilson is back, curious to see what happened to his little idea. During your visit in his company, he will invite you to linger a while in a few sites of his choosing; through period pictures and stories, each site will give him an opportunity to share his reflections on the adventure of this very unique village.

We still share the same hopes. And the story goes on.

Feel free to explore the proposed route, starting from any point. All sites are accessible year round. The tour can be completed by bicycle or by car. Use headphones to fully enjoy the audio content.

By using the 'pre-load' option in your smart device, you can access all the contents on location, via the My Tours menu. The GPS then tracks you without your being connected to the Internet.

This production of the Valcartier Historical Committee was made possible through the financial contribution of the cultural development agreement of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, MRC de la Jacques-Cartier and the Municipality of Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier.

Our thanks go to all those who offered the pictures and stories of their past so generously, with a special mention to Mr. Bernie Monaghan; his memories of Valcartier showed us the way forward.

Production and editing: Allison Kirkwood
Production Manager: Bruce Kirkwood
Script, narration and character: François Vidal

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Discover Valcartier