Maison Fisk

5613 rue Foster

5613 rue Foster - Fisk House

Once upon a time, a simple visit to the dentist could be an incredibly painful experience, especially when the appointment didn’t take place in the dentist’s office. After moving to Waterloo permanently in 1866, Newell Fisk continued to work as a travelling dentist throughout the region. He would set up his improvised clinic in a hotel room and place an ad in the local paper. Crowds of people in pain would line up: severe cavities, abscess, broken teeth and other afflictions. The patient would sit on a simple chair, the intervention would most often be performed without anesthetic, since the use of ether or other anesthetic would run up the bill substantially. Clearly, the practice of dentistry in a clinic, with ergonomic chair, drill and dental equipment has improved people’s lives by reducing their suffering.

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Photos: Société d’histoire de la Haute-Yamaska. 

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