In front of the present promenade

In 1873, the Pointe-Bleue Reserve Officer applied to his superiors for the construction of a house in front of the present promenade, which house a kitchen, pantry, living room, classeroom and bedroom sleep. There is no trace of this very first school. 

The Second School

In 1886, a large school was built to serve for 40 years. The professors teach there catechism, French, aritmetic, geography and English. 

At the end of the 19th century, about thirty Ilnuatsh go to school in the summer, learn to read and write, then leave with their parents to the hunting territories. 

The two classes of the school remain open during the winter for the few children living in the community.

In 1910, the Sisters of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil replaced the professors. The missionaries exert great pressure on families to educate their children and more and more Pekuakamiulnuatsh are obliged to attend the Pointe-Bleue school. 

After 1926, the Robertson family acquired the building for personal use. This building has housed the trade «Le Montagnais électrique» for thirty years from the 1970s. 

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