Camping Site

The begining of 1900

At the begining of 1900, Pointe-Bleue had several tents, but few houses. In the spring, the number of tents increases when families return from the territory. They settled near the Catholic and Anglican churches and confirmed the position of the « center of the village» originally founded by the Post Company of Hudson Bay and the relocated chapel of Métabetchouan. 

Camping Site

«There were 75 tents down at Axep from a shop at Albert Jourdain's. They were all tents. A house, a few houses, there were not many houses.» (Elder of Mashteuiatsh) 

The tente sites are reduced by the passage of roads and the construction of houses. The tents near the houses are more and more packed. Around 1940, several families settled along the main street below the church. As for the Anglican site near the Robertson family store, it is also reduced on one side by the raising of the lake and on the other by the construction of houses.

There were more tents than there were houses,  There were many tents. The road here from the cemtery, down the coast..., that way was tents. From René Robertson going up to Tommy Robertson's camps, wich were all Mistassini' s tents. » (Elder of Mashteuiatsh)

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