Main access routes to our territories

Thanks to this particularly branched hydrographicsystem, the rivers that feed great lake have long served as the main access routes to our territories. 

First roads for the Pekuakamiulnuatsh, these waterways allow reaching the hunting territorires. By fall, the families resume the long trip back to land after a pause of the gathering points on the lake and at the mouths of large rivers.


Trought all these bodies of water, and these great seasonal movements, the peculiarity of the nation revolves around the family. Inthe same territory delimited by watercourses, an extended family practices its traditional activities.

Each of the rivers thatt feed the Pekuakami is important, bue some represent more than others. The Ashuapmushuan, Péribonka, Mistassini and Mistassibi rivers allow to penetrate the northern territories, whilw the river Métabetchouan and Ouiatchouan gave access to the territories located further south.

The Pekuakmi is the third largest lake in Québec, with an area exceeding 1, 040 Km2. This basin, of rather oval shape, has a length of almost 49 km and a width of 29 km. It flows into the Saguenay River.

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