Ste. Adele Lodge - Montclair Hotel

143 Morin Street - The White House

The Parc de la famille is located on Émile Cochand Street. It opened in September 2005 to mark the 150th anniversary of the City of Sainte-Adèle. It was on this site in the early 20th century that Grégoire Rochon built a house. When tourists began arriving in 1910, the house was transformed into a hotel which he called “The White House”. Adélard Marin and his wife Élida Berthiaume took over management in 1928.

Ste. Adèle Lodge

Ten years later, Irene Maud Hutchings and Thomas G. Potter transformed the site with the construction of the Ste. Adèle Lodge. The Pines and Cedar pavilions were added as well as various sports facilities, such as the famous 40–80 ski hill. The Red Room, a large dance hall that attracted many vacationers was also part of this site. The Ste. Adèle Lodge made use of a new real estate development concept by offering lots surrounding the site.

Montclair Hotel

The location changed its name to the Montclair Hotel in 1957. The hotel gradually lost its appeal before being destroyed in 1969.

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