The Inn of Jean-Louis Aubert

The Inn of Jean-Louis Aubert (1926)

181 Morin Street

In 1903, Jean-Louis Aubert and his wife Amanda Beaudoin arrived in Sainte-Adèle. In 1927, his wife bought the village’s old school and house from the commissioners of the parish municipality to transform them into an inn.

Mr. Aubert transformed his hotel into a general store. Jean-Louis Aubert became involved in municipal life and became secretary-treasurer in 1920 and in 1926.
The inn continued to offer its services, at least until 1973. A classified ad from that year reads as follows: “Business for sale. Inn-Restaurant du Croissant, Morin Street, Sainte-Adèle-en-Haut, corner of Chantecler Street. Good sales, very large parking. Second floor apartment for owners plus 10 rooms that provide steady income. Bargain price…”. - Journal des Pays-d’en-Haut, April 12, 1973.

Other restaurants opened over the years, including La Bruyère and Le Petit Nantais. Located at the corner of Chantecler Street, the building has conserved its asymmetrical roof at various heights.

Aubert Boarding House
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