Claude-Henri Grignon House

Claude-Henri Grignon House (1851)

195 Morin Street

Until 1920, Israël Desjardins (1834–1901) operated a blacksmith shop here. The Grignon family then acquired the buildings, passing from Jean-Marie Grignon down to Claude-Henri. It was in this house that the writer lived until his death in 1976. On October 16, 1983, the 50th anniversary of Un homme et son péché, the Société d’histoire des Pays-d’en-Haut in collaboration with Claire Grignon, the City of Sainte-Adèle and many businesses installed a bronze plaque on the building to highlight the invaluable contribution of this citizen to the development of the Pays d’en Haut.

Claude-Henri, son of Doctor Wilfrid Grignon, was born and raised in Sainte-Adèle. Mayor, county warden, parish trustee, pamphleteer, lecturer and novelist, Claude-Henri Grignon (1894–1976) took a leading part in all the great debates of his day. He received the Prix David, a literary prize which recognizes and supports the work of Quebec writers and researchers.

The characters of Séraphin, Donalda, Alexis and others were brought to life in a radio series in 1937, and again in 1956 in a television adaptation titled Les belles histoires des pays-d’en-Haut. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1962 and received the Order of Canada a few years later.

195 Morin Street - Shutters

With time, the building lost its mansard roof in favour of a sloped roof. Various decorative elements reflect its age, such as some ornaments on the shutters. Well preserved, the building remains a priceless testimony of the passage of a great adélois artist.

Claude-Henri Grignon and J. Arsène Aubin

Claude-Henri Grignon and J. Arsène Aubin, Parish Priest, Before 1955
Société d’histoire de la Rivière-du-Nord
Fonds Claude-Henri Grignon

Juliette Poirier-Desjardins and Claire Grignon

Photograph — R. Gariepy
Société d’histoire de la Rivière-du-Nord
Fonds Claude-Henri Grignon

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