Marie Papineau House (1930)

Marie Papineau House (1930)

220 Morin Street

The Grignon family acquired the lot and lived there until 1922. Marie Papineau (1864–1943) then bought it and lived there until her death in 1943. She was the daughter of Judge Augustin-Cyrille Papineau and Marie-Louise Trudeau and granddaughter of Denis-Benjamin Papineau, seigneurial agent, bookseller, merchant, justice of the peace and politician.

At the time, two houses occupied the lot. The first one is located today at the intersection of Grignon and Lesage Streets. The second one can be seen at 220 Morin Street. Pierre Grignon rented the building and lived there with his family between 1965 and 1968.

The distinguishing feature of this white house is its various gabled sheet metal roofs and symmetrical openings. The play of motifs in the shutters and staircase balusters in addition to the white and green touches give it an interesting aesthetic appeal.

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