Théodule Huot House

Théodule Huot House

80 Morin Street

Upon the death of Eudoxie Valiquette in 1936, her husband Rodolphe Huot inherited the house at 80 Morin Street. Their son Théodule (1917–2012) acquired it in 1969. Carpenter, artist-painter and highly skilled skier, Théodule Huot is a member of the Hall of Fame of the Laurentian Ski Museum.

An intrepid skier, many called him by his nickname, “Titi”. In the 1940s, well before acrobatic skiing was born, he originated his famous “front slip”, a forward front flip, quite impressive considering the long wooden skis of the time.

The brick house is covered with a hipped roof. Note the moulded columns and the overhang’s cornice and brackets. On the second, floor, stone lintels support the windows. Wood moulding inserted between the bricks separate the two floors.

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