Lessard’s Barber Shop

Lessard’s Barber Shop and Residence (1940)

50–52 Morin Street

Israël Desjardins owned land which covered almost the entire lower village. In 1884, it was subdivided. Adolphe Lapointe bought a lot and built a house. Three generations of the Lessard family operated a barber shop on this site. Albert first settled in 1912 to the east at the corner of what would become Highway 11 (now Hwy. 117). His son Guillaume (1903–1999) opened a little shop after buying the lot at the corner of Valiquette Street. He was followed by his two sons, Jacques and Guy, who eventually sold the shop in 2004.

A Quebec-style house with a gabled roof existed before 1929 as evidenced by old photographs. A floor and a hipped roof have been added since then. Note the transom window above the main doors.

Source : Société d’histoire et de généalogie des Pays-d’en-Haut

50–52 Morin Street (2016)

The house today. It's now the host of the boutique "Femme en Nord".

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