The Old Post Office (1958)

The Old Post Office (1944)

958 Valiquette Street

The son of Arcade Desjardins, Ernest (Henri-Edouard) (1897–1973) bought the house in 1926. His wife Juliette Poirier inherited this residence on Valiquette Street which was then called the “northern route”. During the Great Depression, the living room served as the office for Ernest’s garage located at the corner of what is now known as Valiquette and Bélec Streets. The Desjardins family later occupied the second floor, while the ground floor was used as the post office for Sainte-Adèle-en-Bas. The family occupied the building until 1976.

Despite its many uses, old photographs kept by the Desjardins family show that the building has not changed too much from its original appearance. In the past, the porch ran along two sides of the house.

958 Valiquette Street

The house was subsequently used by various businesses, including the Barbouille daycare centre. In 1985, an agreement to buy the house was made with the owners of the restaurant that we know today as… Chez Milot.

Post office sign

Image: Claude Millette

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