Coride Bélec’s Stone House

Coride Bélec’s Stone House

975 Valiquette Street

In 1915, Coride Bélec (1889–1958) married Rose Richer. The couple had six children. A piano mover in Montreal, he bought the land of the Legault family in 1933. The lot extended from the current post office to the Mont-Rolland bridge. During the Great Depression, they sold farm products in front of their home. They also had a business managed by one of their sons, Gaston, of delivering blocks of ice to keep food fresh. The refrigerator had not yet been invented.

When the street was widened, Coride had to move the house back 15 feet. Even the well in front of the house had to be abandoned. He sold his lots one by one. He also gave a lot to each of his children to build homes. Then in 1947, he moved into a stone house built on the neighbouring lot.

The stone house, although hidden behind a majestic tree, retains many of its original features. The multi-paned windows reflect the materials used at the time. The metal roof of the overhang protects the upstairs porch. Note the set of decorative brackets under the porch beam.

975 Valiquette Street (2016)

The house of 975 Valiquette Street, today.

Robert Belec and his wife Rolande (1952)

Robert Belec, son of Coride Belec and Rose Richer, and his wife Rolande (1952).

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