The Brick Houses (1918)

The Brick Houses (1918)

1421–1427and 1431 Saint-Jean Street

These two-storey urban-style buildings are characterized by their cube shape. The grey stone lintels adorn the windows of the semi-detached house. A mark still visible on the outside of the house indicates that a porch once ran along two sides of the building.

The house at 1431 incorporates many items of interest, including multi-paned windows, the play of bricks above the upstairs windows and projecting mosaic below the cornice.

Roch Beauchamp, the son-in-law of Arcade Desjardins is one of the owners of these houses. The Desjardins family continues to reside in the neighbourhood.

A Brick House

The brick house of 1421 Saint-Jean Street.

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