The Old Presbytery

The Old Presbytery and Sacristan’s House (1918)

1414 Saint-Jean Street

In 1918, Delphis Bélec acquired a lot on Saint-Jean Street. Mgr. Gauthier later purchased it. It was then transferred to Joseph-Arthur Gauthier, priest for the Parish of Saint-Joseph. The Fabrique took possession of it once again in 1929 for one dollar. The left part of the porch was added 10 years later. The building was sold in 2012.

1414 Saint-Jean Street

The building retains some interesting elements such as the cornice with brackets, wood columns, the pediment which bears the bas-relief motifs of a stylized sun, an element incorporated into several buildings constructed by the Rolland Company, as well as a porch protected by a roof overhang that runs along two sides. This ancestral home has witnessed a lot of history and deserves to be preserved in its current state.

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Mont-Rolland | Sainte-Adèle's industrial heritage

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