Boyer House (1904)

Boyer House (1904)

1025 Saint-Jean Street

In 1916, Joseph Boyer and his wife Henriette Labelle, the second cousin of the Curé Antoine Labelle, bought a site with “houses and buildings” on a lot that extended to Proteau Street. The fence, which would have encroached on the new road being built, was moved.

1025 Saint-Jean Street, Before 1951

The flat roof was replaced by a gable roof. In winter, the snow easily slid off the sheet metal roof. The addition of snow guards did not help. The roof returned to its original form in 1951.

Credit: Marie-Claude Boyer

1025 Saint-Jean Street (2016)

In 1939, a porch was added to the second floor. The beige house with red decorative elements changed to white and blue in the mid-1950s. The shed dating back to the early years of the 20th century was demolished and replaced by the current building. The wood was used for some decorative features. In 1998, the Boyer family renovated the house while retaining its architectural assets %u200B%u200Band original cachet.

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