Saint-Patrice catholic church

Saint-Patrice catholic church

abbot of St-Patrice church

Abbot Charles-Édouard Milette, first parish priest.

First St-Patrice church

First St-Patrice church.

Ancient bell tower

Ancient bell tower before febuary 26 1918 storm.

New bell tower

This church is a good example of Neo-Gothic Revival architecture. A few of the characteristics of the exterior design are described on the church’s Web site:

The building is rectangular, and the end of the choir is polygonal. The façade is traditional with a central bell tower and buttresses at each end. The two-sided roof is supported by square squat towers. Decorations in the form of small bell towers, called bellturrets, enhance almost every corner of the church.

Can you find all the bellturrets? Look at the building’s four corners. There is one at each corner. Now look at the lateral towers and the base of the bell tower. You’ve just seen six more. There are four more smaller bellturrets. Did you find them? They are located at the bottom of the spire.

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