Travelers in the Outlet

First hotels

Park house

Park house hotel in 1870.

Battles house

Battles house hotel in 1910.

These hotels welcomed travelers and families, as well as settlers waiting for lodging in the village. For example, in 1888, Dr. Béique opened a medical clinic in Battle’s House and received patients there until moving to his own house. 


Lady of the lake

The Lady of the Lake, built in Scotland, was assembled in Canada.

This double paddle-wheel steamboat was 46 metres long and could carry up to 666 passengers, though history recalls that the 350-ton boat once held up to 1200!

It was sold to the Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers railroad company to offer excursions to its passengers staying at the Memphremagog House, one of the most luxurious hotels in Newport. 

Mountain Maid

Mountain Maid in Georgeville.


Anthemis and her passengers around 1945.


Steamboat Anthemis around 1915.

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