Single-family and detached houses

B-1 house

There were over thirty different house models during the initial construction phase. All of them were single-family homes and most of them were detached. Pictured: plans for a B-1 house.

Source: City of Saguenay.

D-1 house

Plan for a D-1 house.

Source: City of Saguenay.

Single-Family and Detached Houses

In order to attract a stable and permanent workforce, Alcoa takes measures to make all of its houses desirable and varied from one another. More than 100 different house models were built in Arvida. The key to the variety of the Arvidian landscape lies mainly in the variation of architectural features made of wood. This material, which is very plentiful in the region and therefore inexpensive, as well as standardised foundations with four models reused from one house to another (with some exceptions), make it possible to optimise and reduce construction costs.

The houses of Arvida are, for the most part, single-family and detached homes. They are offered for sale by leasing and sold at cost. This system spreads out the payment based on the worker's ability to pay. Thus, housing is accessible to all. Despite the diversity of the models, there is a concern for the homogeneity of the houses in terms of their outside appearance. The objective is an egalitarian setting for Arvida. Each of the houses benefits from the latest innovations in comfort : a bathroom, sinks, electricity as well as a hot air or hot water heating system.

As a city of Aluminum Company of Canada, Arvida is unique. It was designed to be attractive and comfortable, and to be an ideal place to raise a family. There are no slums, and importance is given to landscaping. The parks, groves and gullies contribute to the city's charm and to the beauty of the landscape. As soon as 1927, the company plants more than 700 trees: 150 elms, 476 poplars, 51 willows and 33 silver maple trees. Residents also participate to the beautification of the city by the embellishment of their yard, for example with flowers or gardens. Arvida is a city where nature occupies a central place.

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