The Builders’ Voices

The Builders’ Voices
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MRC des Chenaux

Meet the pioneers of the MRC des Chenaux. Superb honorary monuments were erected in memory of these great historical figures in each of our ten municipalities. We created a route to provide a most pleasant visit through 350 years of history. We hope that this course and its audio content will charm you while you learn about a piece of our history.


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Suggested departure point : the municipality of Champlain.


Coordination: Marie-Pier Lemaire et Françoise Bouchard
Illustration: Manon Marchand
Graphics: Chantal De Serres
Texts: Élise-Laurence Pauzé-Guay
Narration: René Beaudoin, Karl Blanchard, Claude Bolduc, Eveline Charland, Yvon Leblanc, Pierre St-Yves.

This project was made possible by the financial contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Communications through the cultural development agreement, and the MRC des Chenaux. Our thanks are extended to all those who have contributed in any way to the achievement of this project, especially the history societies of each of the ten municipalities, the families of our ten pioneers, the advisory committee of the MRC des Chenaux, and the valuable collaboration of the administration of each of the municipalities in our territory.

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The Builders’ Voices