Emmerson House

Emmerson House, 7 Station Road

The Emmerson House was built in the early 1800s and was owned by Premier Henry Robert Emmerson (1853-1914). The house was later owned by his son Senator Henry Read Emmerson (1883 -1954). 

Henry Robert Emmerson (1853-1914)

Henry Robert Emmerson (1853-1914), was a New Brunswick lawyer, businessman, politician, and philanthropist.  He was educated at Amherst Academy, Mount Allison Academy, St. Joseph’s College, and Acadia College, and earned a law degree from Boston University.  He ran a lucrative law practice and was heavily involved in local business.  

Emmerson was involved in wool clothing manufacturing, was a director of the Maritime Baptist Publishing Company Limited, president of the New Brunswick Petroleum Company Limited, the Acadia Coal and Coke Company, and the Sterling Coal Company.  He was also a director of the Record Foundry and Machine Company.  In 1897, he became the ninth Premier of New Brunswick.

Henry Read Emmerson (1883-1954)

Henry Read Emmerson (1883-1954) was a Canadian business executive, salesman and politician. He was born in Dorchester, NB, the son of Henry Robert Emmerson and Emily Charlotte Record. In 1949, Emmerson was appointed to the Senate of Canada representing the senatorial division of Dorchester, NB.  He died in office in 1954.

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