Laurier Street Stores

1825 Laurier Street

The old Bank of Ottawa

1825 Laurier Street

Laurier Street

1825 Laurier Street

The old bank of Ottawa, pictured in 2017.

1825 Laurier Street

Télesphore Viau's bakery in 2017.

1825 Laurier Street

The old LCBO store, pictured in 2017.  

Laurier Street Stores

These buildings are considered local historic sites given their commercial and residential purposes.

A) Télesphore Viau’s Bakery, 1833 Laurier Street

In 1895, Télesphore Viau and his family had this house built. They lived at the front of the building while the rear part of the building was home to Télesphore’s bakery until 1929. The house then became a private home.

B) Gauthier Horse Hitch Store, 1841 Laurier Street

In 1875, the land was the property of William Way, one of Rockland’s first residents. He became one of the first employees of the W.C Edwards Company.
In 1907, Honoré Gauthier purchased the property and opened a horse hitch repair and sales store.  Starting in 1908 he was an evaluator and tax collector for the municipality of Rockland for 30 years.

C) Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), 1863 Laurier Street

In 1946, Robert Thivierge was named store manager for Rockland’s LCBO which was then located at this address. He moved into the second floor of this building built at the beginning of the 20th century and worked at the store until his retirement.

D) Bank of Ottawa, 1875 Laurier Street

William Erskine was the first owner of this home built at the beginning of the 1900s. In 1908, Delphis Pitre purchased the property that was eventually sold to the Bank of Ottawa. The building was then home to a clothing store and nowadays, it houses private apartments.

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