Saint‑Pascal‑Baylon's History

Saint-Pascal-Baylon's History

Its origins are traced back to 1886 when this hamlet was called « The Lake » and also « Cobb Lake » because of a small lake that was there. On June 1st 1909, the village changed names for St-Pascal Baylon.

The church and presbytery were built between October 11th 1908 and December 2nd 1909. Unfortunately, the church burnt on June 20th 1943. The population erected a new church on the same location. The village of Saint-Pascal Baylon is a prosperous agricultural center. Practically all of its population is francophone. The post office opened its doors on July 1st 1886 under the name « The Lake » and adopted the village’s name on June 1st 1909.

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Saint-Pascal-Baylon's History