The Post Office Building

Built in 1909

208 Provencher Boulevard

Still today, the St. Boniface Post Office Building is used by Canada Post. The interior has been modified, but the exterior remains much as it was in 1909, built using the same materials as the City Hall three years previously. Located at the corner of Aulneau Street and Provencher Boulevard, the physical appearance of the building is enhanced by the use of four limestone cornerstones.

The entrance steps are also made of limestone. The first-floor arches, when compared to those of the City Hall building, are rounded at the top and made of limestone. The first-floor top window frames are also of limestone.

Gettting off on the wrong foot

In 1905, the Federal Government bought a lot on the south side of Provencher Boulevard for the construction of a post office building, next to the new City Hall. Work began several years later, and the francophone citizens of St. Boniface noticed with some trepidation that their future Post Office Building has written on its façade “Post Office” in English only. The M.P. for St. Boniface, J.E. Cyr, interceded with the Federal Postal Services Department and the situation was rectified.

Corner of Provencher and Aulneau

St. Boniface was in full expansion at the beginning of the 20th century with the construction of several buildings required by the increasing need for infrastructure able to serve the city’s community. In this photograph, taken around 1910, we can see the Post Office Building (on the right of Aulneau Street) and the Bloc Provencher (on the left side of Aulneau) where were located, amongst other amenities, the Paris Lunch Bar, and the Cinéma Paris movie theatre. Behind, is the old St. Boniface College of 1881 and, in front, a St. Boniface streetcar.

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