The Belgian Club

For over 100 years

407 Provencher Boulevard

In St. Boniface at the beginning of the 20th century, Belgian immigrant families lived mostly in a neighbourhood along the Seine River. The neighbourhood was popularly called the “Belgian Colony” or Belgian Town. It is here that is located the Belgian Club, founded in 1905 as a meeting centre for the new arrivals, to share information and organise cultural, social and sports activities.

The clubhouse, built in 1908, three years after the foundation of the Belgian Club, has been the organisation’s home for more than a hundred years. Billiards, card games, dances, bingos, all these activities make the Belgian Club a central part of the Belgian community life during the 1920s and 1930s, and these activities were held during the Second World War. Today, the Belgian Club still plays an active and important role in the promotion of Belgian culture and heritage.

The Garnier Monument

A monument to honour the Belgian soldiers who died during the First World War was erected in front of the Belgian Club building. The monument, unveiled in 1930, was created by the St. Boniface sculptor Hubert Garnier. It represents a soldier mourning the death of his comrade in arms.

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