Archbishop's Residence

Following the construction of the first presbytery

151 de la Cathédrale Avenue

Before the construction of the Archbishop’s Residence, there was a stone presbytery built in 1838. Less than a year later, the Industrial School, housed in a wooden structure, is destroyed by fire. Bishop Provencher moved the school in his presbytery so that it could continue its operations. He lived for a while in the sacristy of the church while a new presbytery was built. This building was attached to the Cathedral and was destroyed along with the Cathedral during the fire of December 14, 1860.

The Archbishop’s Residence is composed of two 2,400 square foot sections. Each section has a basement, a first floor, a second floor and a liveable attic. The two sections are oriented in the form of a “T”. Today, the Archbishop’s Residence is the home of Bishop Albert LeGatt, Archbishop of St. Boniface since 2009.

West Wing, East Wing

Built in 1864 and 1865, the west wing of the building faces the Red River and is one of the oldest buildings in Western Canada. Bishop Taché lived in it from 1865 onwards. The east wing was built in 1899. During that same year, the west wing’s roof was replaced. The new roof created more liveable space in the attic. This roof is different from the first by its rectangular dormer windows, instead of the original square ones. The mansard roof, the rectangular dormer windows and the elegant veranda give this residence its signature appearance.

The St. Boniface Heritage Garden

The St. Boniface Heritage Garden is located in front of the Taché Avenue wing of the Archbishop’s Residence which faces the Red River. This Heritage Garden commemorates the contributions made by the religious congregations to St. Boniface and Manitoba.

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