The Adolphe-Jodoin Park

1878, chemin du Village

View from the church's bell tower.

Photo: View of the Adolphe-Jodoin park, from the church's bell tower.

Source : Société d’histoire de Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard., Tom Silletta photographer.         

Lac Saint-Joseph

We're in Adolphe-Jodoin Park on the shore of Lac Saint-Joseph, the largest of the municipality's 85 lakes. This was once the site of the Maison Lajeunesse and its post office. As in many village cores, the surrounding area was home to the church, presbytery, caisse populaire, general merchant, hotel, boarding houses and a few merchants.

Photo : Adolphe-Jodoin Park.

Source : Municipality of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard 

In honor of Adolphe Jodoin

The public space is named in honor of Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts parish priest Adolphe Jodoin, who gave the first impetus to Howard Township, created in 1873.

Photo : Postcard of Saint-Adolphe, from the lot in front of the presbytery.

Source : Bibliothèque et Arches nationales du Québec. 

A new municipal wharf

In 1937, the federal government built a municipal wharf on this shoreline.

Photo : Some Saint-Adolphe residents on the municipal wharf, date unknown.

Le Présent du Passé, Saint-Adolphe 1883-1983.

The Sacré-Cœur monument

On August 29, 1943, this public space was the setting for the blessing of the Sacré-Coeur monument. The ceremony, presided over by Monsignor Jean-Baptiste Bazinet, attracted over 2,000 people. The work, donated by a parishioner, was created in the workshops of Montreal associates Carli and Petrucci. The monument depicts Christ, life-size, standing on a pedestal with arms outstretched.

In 1957, the first parking lot was built to reduce traffic on rue Principale, mainly during church services.

Photo : The Sacré-Cœur monument, 2023.

Source : Christiane Brault photographer.

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