The Masson Manor

Front view of the Masson Manor

In 1864, Édouard Masson was granted an immense parcel of land in Wexford county and developed a new settlement that would become Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson. In 1865, he built himself a house. With this as his primary residence, Édouard Masson regarded his house as his “manor”, even if the seigneurial system had already been abolished (c.1854) and that Sainte-Marguerite was located in a township and not in a seigneury.

Side view

Built by Édouard Masson, son of the last seigneur of Terrebonne, the Masson house stayed in the family for over 150 years.

Extract of
Heritage circuit of Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson

Heritage circuit of Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson image circuit

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