Site of the village mills

The mills Villeneuve

Édouard Masson’s sawmill was the area’s first wood cutting plant. It was built at the southern tip of the bridge that spanned Lac Masson’s outlet. Another mill was then built downstream on the outlet’s other bank.  Acquired in the 1890s by the Villeneuve family, the mill remained in operation until 1909.  Stanislas-Jean-Baptiste Rolland, owner of the Mont Rolland Paper Mills, also became the owner of the water supply and power. In 1926, he sold the dyke to the Quebec government. From that time forward, the dyke was only ever used to control the water level of Lac Masson. 

In 1963, however, the old wooden dam threatened to collapse. It was rebuilt in 2010.  Condominiums were built on des Pins Street, on the site of the former sawmill land.

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Heritage circuit of Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson

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