Daniel Waters Slave Cottage

Daniel Waters

Daniel Waters Home

*This is private property, please respect the home owners and view the house from the sidewalk*

Here is Daniel Waters home, which has become known as "Slave Cottage" by Niagara residents. However, Daniel was never a slave as he was born in Upper Canada in 1813, twenty years after the Act to Limit Slavery was passed.

Daniel Waters, son of Humphrey Waters Jr. and Catherine Waters, owned and operated a large livery stable on Regent Street, one of two stables in Town. He also owned and lived in the house on the northwest corner of Prideaux and Regent streets with his wife Elizabeth Savage (a white woman) and their daughters Clara and Mabel.

Daniel Waters Advertisement

Niagara Echo May 17, 1884
Daniel Waters placed this ad for his Livery Stables on Regent Street. He ran a successful business and advertised his services throughout the local papers.

Daniel Servos Waters Grave

Daniel Servos Water is buried in St. Mark's Church along with his wife, daughter, and many other members of the Waters family.
His grave is located on the South Eastern side of the cemetery, close to the church.

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