Tanbark Road

Tanbark Road

Between 1800 and 1820, a Black community consisting of small farms formed at the south end of Tanbark Road in the current area of General Brock Highway (Highway 405). The Baptist church was located on Tanbark Road.

Following 1815, these farms were gradually bought out and made up the Hanniwell/Hannewell Farm. One Black family that continued living on Tanbark Road from at least 1840 well into the early 20th century was the Graham family. They lived on a 6-acre farm on lot 94. Lewis Graham and his wife Susan Ann/Susanna Graham were listed as living on lot 94 with their young sons Daniel E. and William A. in the 1851 census.

William was still living on the family property on lot 94 in 1911 and then listed as living on lot 95 in 1919. It is said that their descendant by the name of Hedgeman was the last Black resident of this group in St. Davids.

1881 Census

This is the 1881 Census showing William and Daniel Graham listed as African, living on what would have been Tanbark Road.
Both brothers are recorded as living on Tanbark Road on multiple Census records such as, 1851, 1891, 1901 and 1911.

Statistics Canada. 1881. Census of Canada 1881. Library and Archives Canada no. 3768143, microfilm C-13254.

St. Davids Map 1862

This is a map showing St. Davids in 1862. You can make out the names and lot numbers located throughout the Town. The Hannewell name is prominent over what is now Tanbark Road, while lots 94 and 95 are subdivided into smaller plots where the Graham's would have lived.

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