Craig and Gosford Road Rally

Craig and Gosford Road Rally

Explore Craig and Gosford Paths in the footsteps of the first diligence service linking Quebec City and Boston and discover a pivotal period in our history through the magnificent landscapes of the Maple regions, Lotbinière and the Appalachians.

About Craig Road

In 1810 James Henry Craig, governor of Lower Canada, commissioned the construction of a road to encourage English-speaking immigration to the still uninhabited lands of the Eastern Townships. The governor turned to the Quebec Garrison where he found 180 soldiers to carry out his project. The work began in August of the same year.

The work was completed just three months later, resulting in a minimum road covering 75 miles from Saint-Gilles to Richmond.

Once difficult to reach because of rocks, tree debris, stumps and swampy areas, Craig Road nevertheless made it possible to establish a first diligence service linking Quebec City to Boston.

On the spot

This tour is available on BaladoDiscovery online (streaming) and offline (without Internet in the field, cell phone in hand) with the Preload option of the mobile application, including an interactive map, your position by GPS and informations on request.

An amazing experience

Throughout your journey, participate in the RALLYE at Craig and Gosford Roads. Locate our interpretive panels with the diligence icon and learn more about this time. Discover local history with the the audio guide offered in the BaladoDiscovery App and enhance your experience by answering the rally’s questions! You will find two questions at each point of interest on the course.

For the rally, you must first obtain and/or print the paper card before starting the rally. It allows you to enter your answers. The first question is on the paper map of the rally that you can get from the L'Érable and Thetford Mines tourist information offices for free or by visiting the Craig and Gosford Paths website. You will find the answer in two ways: by listening to the audio tape offered in the Discovery Walk or by carefully reading the interpretive panel that is located at each point of interest of the rally.

The second question is an observation question. It is placed at the end of the audio tape or at the bottom of the interpretation panel.

You must answer the eighteen questions to complete the game. There is no time limit to complete this rally. Don’t forget to send us your answers! You could win great prizes! You can send us your answers in two ways.

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This project was carried out with the help of our main partner, the MRC des Appalaches, as well as the member municipalities of the Corporation: King’s Mills, Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds, Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière, Saint-Sylvestre, Saint-Ferdinand, Saint-Gilles, Ireland, Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf and Inverness. There is also the financial support of Tourisme Lotbinière with the RCM of Lotbinière, L'Érable Tourisme et Culture with the RCM of Érable, Desjardins and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

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Craig and Gosford Road Rally