Historic Railway Station

From past to present

The current railway station was built in 1927 in Lac-Mégantic. At this time, an important flow of passengers and goods went through the town’s railway station. The citizens used to gather there to look at the military convoys passing through during the war. The railway station has always been a gathering place.

A historical railway station

In 1996, the building was designated historical by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. In 2007, the town purchased the building and renovated it in order to offer various activities.

The historical railway station remained inaccessible almost two years after the tragedy of 2013. Activities, such as the opening of the Bureau de reconstruction, resumed in 2015.

Today, a public piano is available for amateur and professional musicians. Citizens join together for activities and events at Place Éphémère. The public market is now located at the railway station and it is open on Saturday. The Incroyables Comestibles have installed vegetable gardening boxes available for everyone. Since summer 2019, two exhibitions take place: “La solidarité au cœur de notre mémoire” (Solidarity, the soul of our memories) and “Sur les rails du temps” (On the rails of time).

The railway station is a meeting point for citizens and visitors.

Solidarity, the soul of our memories

This exhibition aims to give a better understanding of the event of July 6, 2013, and above all to bring together the various subsequent acts of kindness. The tremendous solidarity, support and sympathy expressed brought to Lac-Mégantic’s population hope and strength and allowed them to turn their gaze toward the future.

People from across Québec, Canada, the USA and the world contributed in order to bring Lac-Mégantic back to life. Fund-raising events were held, collections of items took place and numerous donations were made following July 6, 2013.

This exhibition highlights a random sampling of all of the evidence of support received.

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